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Gurgaon - 2013 Batch

“Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”


I have been a market analyst in energy markets for many years now. My day usually starts with reading new developments in these markets; followed by rigorous technical analysis. One thing I have learned is the consistency of your performance is directly correlated to your flexibility to adapt to new scenarios in such markets.

Every day brings a new challenge, a new puzzle to solve. This job provides an environment that is not just about thrills but also helps you with personality development and mental toughness.

I have been adventurous all my life and this job provides that to some extent. This job has its own perks, be it the huge financial incentives or you being master of your own destiny thus making it an ideal career to be in.


Hyderabad - 2016 Batch

An ever so lazy and procrastinating person that I was, never had I imagined that I would become so passionate about my work; until I stepped into this exciting, extraordinarily challenging but supremely fulfilling profession. The sense of accomplishment that the profession provides, accompanied by the monetary benefits, set this profile apart from the routine white collar jobs. It is like experiencing the adrenaline rush of a mountaineer, and rightly, only you are responsible for your actions.

My day starts with a check at what I did yesterday and improvising to achieve the goal of getting better with every trade. I then analyse the available market data to have my major and contingent plans ready for the day. I feel like an Entrepreneur here; observing, analyzing, strategizing and taking decisions on my own. Sheer hard work, learning from failure and persistence are indispensable to succeed in this profession. The job demands immense amount of focus, discipline, determination, ability to have short and far sightedness, and quickly switch between the two, as and when required. My work gives me a sense of fulfillment every time I do good and enhances faith in my caliber.

Markets are a combination of people and it is very important for one to understand the perspective of different participants to be able to take wise decisions. I am grateful to my manager and senior colleagues who have helped me settle into the markets. Working at Futures First has been a splendid experience. We get to use the latest available technology, have state-of-the-art infrastructure and meticulous support staff. From the outside it might look like that the job entails long hours and is taxing, but the way Futures First recognizes your hard work and rewards it, makes all the sweating worth it.


Jaipur - 2015 Batch

“Do what you love, love what you do”

This has always been my life’s motto; and I am glad that ‘Futures First’ provided me with an opportunity and autonomy to practice it. Three years ago  when I entered Futures First office, I knew that this is the kind of job I always wanted to do. Since then, I enjoyed every single day that I spent in the market. I love both the adrenaline rush when I make money and the frustration when market moves against me.

Typical day at FF is pretty intense. I start office a bit early to update myself with the overnight news, charts and my portfolio positions. The hardest and the most important part of this profession is to remain focused and committed during the entire day so that when the opportunity arrives, I am quick to pounce on it. During the day, I love to brainstorm my market views, logics and hedge ideas with my colleagues. One of the most important perks of being at Futures First is that we are always surrounded by some of the best minds in the world and there are no limits on how much we can learn from each other.

Outside office, I am a fun loving guy who loves to hang out with friends and family but no matter where I am, I always keep an eye on financial news flows around the world.


Kolkata - 2013 Batch

Exposure to international markets with the comfort of sitting in your hometown is a privilege which Futures First has provided. For me, Futures First is a way of life. The best part about my job (passion really!!) is that every day is a new beginning. You can neither rely on your past success nor ponder upon past failures. I have got to be at the top of the game every single day to survive in this ever-competitive industry. You get all the necessary resources – infra, research, technology, management – but the onus is mine. To be honest, it is hard to stay away from the addiction of the price ladders especially when your office works 24 hours a day!! And I love this challenge – day in, day out.


Bangalore - 2012 Batch

Did you want to be a professional sportsperson growing up - the center-forward who scores the crucial goal at the World Cup final? Did you have the belief that you could make the difference? Do you still believe?


I started at Futures First out of college. Great monetary compensation got me in the door but what's kept me here, besides that, is the profession itself. The market challenges you in myriad ways, leaving you puzzled, and many a time, disconcerted. It seems to know your pain threshold - the tipping point at which your perfectly laid-out plans are discarded like yesterday's newspaper. Anxiety replaces calm and frustration overcomes confidence. How do you cope? Do you stick or twist?


It's hard. Indeed, it's grueling. But this profession will leave you transformed. This is no humblebrag; it is the life of a professional. Do you still want in?