International Markets

Joined 2008

Santosh Saladi

I like this job because it tests every aspect of my character: discipline, honesty, patience, and diligence. I believe that my success in the markets reflects and refines my good character.

I joined Futures First in 2008, just a few weeks before crude oil hit $100 a barrel. Every day since, has been just as exciting and nerve wracking as my first day. The busiest part of my day is 7pm to 1am when the US markets are just waking up and reacting to overnight news and events. Although analyzing market trends is a solitary job, I make it a point to check up on my mentees throughout the day and coach them on how to manage their emotions when the markets surprise them or move against the trend.

When I get home I read a bit, and maybe watch a movie or listen to music. I try to unwind, but really I’m just counting down the hours to the next day. I’m so lucky to have such passion and commitment to my job.