International Markets

Joined July 2013

Rufus Gitau

Each morning I do my routine 30-45 minutes jog to get myself mentally and physically prepared for the day ahead. I check the global financial news on CNBC and Bloomberg as I eat my breakfast. On my way to work, I try to get into the ‘zone’ by playing some Afro fusion music that pumps me up and gives me a boost.

In the office, I quickly assess what has been happening over the Asian hours, as well as check for any overnight news from the US to get ready for my day ahead in the markets.

During my time at Futures First, I’m constantly amazed how much I’ve learned about financial markets and about myself. I get to compare market views with brilliant analysts here in Kenya and in other branches in many other countries. We all challenge and help each other to improve. It’s inspiring.

The biggest challenge is market dynamics. Little stays the same in the financial markets. Everything is in flux and ever-changing. I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve learned that I have to be flexible and to adapt and evolve quickly. I’m challenged every day to increase my speed of thought and execution. And I love it!

At the end of the day, I unwind by catching up on my favorite sitcoms or watching my beloved Manchester United in action. And then I get ready for the next day.